Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience

Malinois Hang TimeIf you are looking forward to add a dog to your family then you must be worried about some problems. Following are some of the tips that would help you tame the dog well through some basic obedience training.

Start the training early

The first thing that you need to do is train the dog from scratch. Puppies are easier to train since they do not have sense of the surroundings and can be trained as per your commands. It is just like training human babies by teaching them the right habits. According to some of the famous dog trainers especially in Hollywood, it is better to start training dogs as soon as they are eight weeks old so that the bad habits of the dogs can be made right.

Avoid over-training

The second thing that you need to do is limit the training. Dogs are usually very curious and want to learn everything that they find in their surroundings. Since the brain and learning capacity of dogs are limited, they are only able to grasp a few things and lessons. Due to this reason it is best to limit the training to around 20 minutes so that you obedience training turns out to be effective.

Understand the dog

In order to train a subject it is important to have an in-depth understanding of the subject. You need to analyze how the dog behaves and identify his needs. Just relate a dog to a human baby in order to understand him. A dog would usually feel anxious and roam around the door which is an indication that the dog wants fresh air and is feeling playful. On the other hand, in order to potty train the dog, it is important to take him outside and this act will have to be repeated several times for the dog to make a habit in the long run.

Stay consistent and calm

Consistency is the key to train the dog successfully. For instance if you do not want your dog to sit on the couch and damage the cushions, just make sure he is never allowed to do so. You will have to adopt a directive role here for the dog to understand the restrictions and this will have to be done with consistency for the dog to make a habit. Moreover, remaining calm is another thing you might want to take care of. Losing your calm would often disrupt your relation with the dog, so just take a fun approach and look at it as an adventure rather than a necessity.