Dog Behavior Modification

Dog Behavior Modification

dogsDog behavior modification is very important if you intend to correct the behavioral problems of your dog. Obedience training does tackle with some of the behavior issues and modifies them, but it does not completely take care of it.

Usually using obedience techniques eventually end up causing issues to the dog which are problematic since they damage the dog more instead of helping him. Following are some of the ways in which dog behavior can be modified.


Most professional dog trainers suggest that confining dogs to a small space often helps in behavior modification. This is seen as an effective approach since most dogs respond well when in confined spaces. Dogs have this way of thinking where they believe that they are more secure in a confined space, unlike humans.

If you believe that your dog thinks similarly and likes personal space then do make him a personal room or space where he can have his meals or rest and sleep. The best way of using this approach is to allocate space to the dog regardless of your presence. Whether you are home or not, the dog will still feel secure and would not feel anxious even if you are not present since he will have his space to spend time in.


Another way of dog behavior modification is to indulge the dog in some activities. Professional dog trainers seem to believe that dogs lose anxiety if they are involved in fun and playful activities. This way the dog will release a lot of stress and would not feel uncomfortable or stressful if you are not present. Anxiety in dogs work the same way it does with humans.

In order to release anxiety, humans too go for a jog or a run. Similar is the case with dogs. If you take your dog to a long walk or a run, it will release a lot of stress. Long walks would not only help the dog but will also prove beneficial for you.

Pay close attention

In order for behavior modification to work it is important that you look for signs in the dog and pay close attention. Taking hints is not a difficult task. If you see your dog acting weird in a way that it starts whining, digging or refuse to eat, understand that the dog is potentially full of stress and has anxiety.

These are signs of stress and you can counter them by rubbing the dog’s back or brushing him. Do not make a fuss out of it because it can aggravate the situation. Instead of making a fuss, take a friendly approach and look at the dog as if he is your close friend.