Retrieval Training

Retrieval Training

Malinois Hang TimeRetrieval training of a dog is one of the most difficult things you might have to overcome. Following are some of the tips that might help you in succeeding in this kind of training.

Early age

The best way of retrieval training is to begin it at an early stage when the dog is a little puppy. Take an example of a stray dog that is grown up and has wild habits. It would obviously be difficult to train him since he has developed and learned to live with the habits he has. This is not the case with puppies and since they are only growing up while learning the surrounding, retrieval training would go on smoothly and you will have some control over it.

Unleash it to the world

Allowing the dog to see the world is a part of the retrieval training. You need to take your dog outside where he can see other people and interact with different dogs. Go on a long walk with your dog and make sure you visit some populated areas so that your dog can learn more. In this way the dog will be able to grasp more knowledge and will expand its learning horizons.

The leash

A leash becomes important as soon as the dog starts to grow. As a dog grows, it becomes uncontrollable and you would require a leash to control it in crowds so it does not go off running away. It is better to get the dog used to a leash when he is young and teach him some basic commands with leash on so that he does not get irritated by it when you use it later in his life. Consistency matters as well in retrieval training. If you want to teach your dog something, make sure that other people in the household follow the same thing. Using different commands will only confuse the dog and would make retrieval training a failure.


Retrieval training requires the dog to be active so make sure that the dog is kept energetic and is made used to such routine through playful activities. Since dogs love to retrieve, play some games like fetch and practice it with the dog. Other activities that would work best in retrieval training include long walks and jogs. By using playful activities the dog can be kept stress free. Make sure you do not punish the dog or channel negative feelings towards him as it hinders the retrieval training.