Scent Work Training

Scent Work Training

Police K9 TeamScent work training is not that difficult and it is something that will benefit you a lot. The dogs make use of their noses on a daily basis for some crucial tasks, and scent work training will only improve efficiency of the dog.

Following are some of the techniques that can help in scent work training.

Use containers

Find some containers that are lying around your home. These containers should be light and easy to access. Shoe boxes can work as really good containers. Once you have the containers with you, punch in some holes on the top so that the dog can smell through the container.

Put on a secret mark on the container where you would hide the object and it is important to hide the object in just one container so that the odor does not go in other containers. Since your dog is only beginning to train, you must cut him some slack.

The object

Next you will require an object that you will have to hide. In order for scent work training to work, it is best to find an object that your dog loves a lot. This bond between the dog and the object will further encourage the dog to seek the object and it will be for the best of the scent work training.

By choosing an object that your dog loves you can prepare him and motivate him for scent work training rather than just doing a job. Some ideas for choosing an object include food, a ball that you use to play fetch or any other toy that your dog loves.

Mix it up

Once you have the containers and object with you, place the object in one container and shuffle the boxes. You can do the shuffling in front of the dog but make sure your shuffling skills are good enough so that the dog actually uses his nose to find the object rather than the sense of sight.

Moreover, you must make sure that you are hiding the object and the dog is aware that the object is being hidden from him. Once the process is completed, just let your dog do the finding business. Avoid giving any hints as they will confuse the dog and hinder the scent work training.

If the dog does not seem motivated, lift the box yourself but only the empty ones. If the dog finds the object, reward him with food or rub him just for encouragement.