Specialty Training

Specialty Training

Malinois Hang TimeIf there is one thing we all know about dogs it is the fact that dogs love to please people. Dogs love to establish relationships with humans and these relationships are made through strong bonds. If a dog is trained in a negative environment where the element of fear is involved, this would not promote a bond between the two, but instead it would be a fearful environment where the dog would only be allowed to respond to commands without his own will. Fear can often disturb the dogs and they will try their best to get away from you. Fear also often hinders the learning and habit building process of the dog due to which it is best to maintain a friendly relationship while specialty training.

Agility practice

The best way to train a dog is to use an area that is vast, open and friendly. A garden can prove best for training. If you intend to work on agility of the dog, you can set up some of the hurdles that you can build yourself. Get hold of some plastic pipes and a pipe cutter. These two things will allow you to make some hurdles of your own choice that are suitable for the dog to practice on. Start with some short hurdles that the dog can jump over easily. This will improve the confidence of the dog and will also give him a head start. As the training proceeds, you can raise the hurdles as well.

Weave poles

Weave poles work best if you want your dog to work on his running and dodging skills. This is a training that many footballers do as well in order to maintain stamina and learn some dodging skills. Get hold of some pipes and fix them in the ground. Make sure that the height of the pipes is long enough for the dog to understand that he has to go around them. Moreover, these pipes are also portable and would come handy in specialty training.

Take hints

During specialty training you need to take hints from the dog and observe how he responds. His body language will often dictate his intentions. For instance you need to learn the difference between growling and groaning. Groaning is when the dog makes noise without any eye contact. This is not something to worry about. But if the dog is growling, he will usually make eye contact for a long time and make noises. This means that the dog is uncomfortable and might attack you. You need to back off and fix the situation with external help since dogs might not respond well to further specialty training.