Utility Training

Utility Training

dogsUtility training is one of the best ways through which you can utilize the strengths of the dog and bring them in use. Dogs are blessed with several qualities that involve strength, speed and also flexibility and through utility training you can help the dog in using such skills to the fullest.

Utility training is when you encourage the dog to reach his full potential. With utility training you can enable the dog to become independent which means that this kind of training will also help him with hunting and self-protection.

Why it is important?

Since dogs already have the quality of being active, it is best to use utility training so that the dogs can remain healthy as time passes and they grow older. Since you have a pet, it is your responsibility to bring your companion up to the par where he can realize his skills. Utility training is often directly related to dog’s health. Moreover, it also makes a dog confident.


In order for utility training to work, the owner will have to make some efforts since it is a long process. In order for the dog to respond to utility training, it is important for the owner to be active as well. The dressing and body language count as well since this energy is conveyed to the dog.

Do not tie the dog with a chain since utility training is a fast paced activity and this can hurt the dog. Instead of a chain, use a rope of nylon or leather, whichever is available.


Some of the activities that are included in utility training include running and obstacle tackling training. Running is important in utility training and a dog can be trained to run with several hurdles in the course. You can also add in tire hoops which require the dog to jump through them. In the obstacle tackling training the dog will be tested on his balance.

This kind of training allows the dog to improve his capacity of sense of balance and will also improve his personal judgment. Some of the professional dog trainers recommend using tunnels, planks and small jumps since they add to the dog’s sense of balance.

Another type of utility training is control training where the dog is tested on his discipline. In this kind of training the dog must obey your commands and some of the basic commands that the dog should follow include sit, wait, etc. With control training you can prepare the dog to remain alert at all times.


Utility training is a difficult task to achieve, both for the owner and the dog. It would be best if you reward your dog on minor achievements since this act would strengthen the bond with the dog.

The reward can be in terms of a treat that the dog loves, or it can also be in terms of affection where you rub the dog’s back and head. Remember to approach utility training in a fun way so that the whole process remains enjoyable to both the dog and the owner.